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1000+ New MCQs on Chemistry
1000+ New MCQs on Chemistry

1000+ New MCQs on Chemistry

Product Description

Note: This is an eBook (PDF file only)

This is a PDF file that contains more than 1000 MCQs with detailed solution on Chemistry. The book is ideal for preparation of CSIR-NET, GATE, IIT-JAM and all M.Sc Level Exams.


  1. Contains more than 1000 MCQs on Chemistry.
  2. Clear and Detailed Explanation of each question.
  3. Best method for self evaluation.


General Organic Chemistry


Reagent in Organic Chemistry

Named Reactions

Reaction Mechanisms

Organic Spectroscopy

Pericyclic & Photochemical Reactions

Coordination Chemistry

Organometallic Compounds

Chemical Bonding

Main Group

Inorganic Spectroscopy Bioinorganic


Chemical Kinetics

Group Theory


Statistical Thermodynamics

Molecular Spectroscopy

Quantum Chemistry

Miscellaneous Topics

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